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Phi Phi Don Island Tour, Phi Phi Lay Island (Maya Bay) Tour, Khai Island Tour |3 in 1| Great Save of money

Take Phi Phi Tour and get free Children ticket

Phi Phi Island is one of the best 5 beaches in the world.And May Bay is a unforgettable place(The beach movie shooted only Phi Phi Island)

Royal Phuket Marina | Maya Bay
Royal Phuket Marina | Maya Bay

So it is important to take Phi Phi tour,we not only goes to Phi Phi Island one side,we visit Maya Bay,Loh Samah Bay,Pi Leh Cove,Viking Cave,The Monkey Beach,Hin Klang,Koh Khai(Khai Island) as well.

Loh Samah Bay | Pi Leh Cove
PHI PHI TOUR Itinerary
Pick-Up from your Phuket Hotel or Address and comfortably driving to  Royal Phuket Marina Yacht Center


Welcome to Twin Engine VIP Luxury speed boat

– Heading to Maya Bay Phi Phi where the beach movie shoot. And relaxing.

– heading to Loh Samah Bay other side of Maya bay at Phi Phi Lay Island. Snorkeling with the fishes in crystal clear water of Loh Samah Bay

– Exploring and enjoying the fantastic scenery at Pi Leh Cove.Also swimming at the swallow calm crystal waters

– Moving to find our more abut the Viking Cave ,this is place that has many history and cave painting and this place for bird nests produces/
– Giving some food for the crab eating monkeys at the beach
12: 00
A Break for a rich and supior Lunch at  the beach

– At Phi Phi Don Island exploring the  the great marine life at the Hin Klang means “Great Coral Reef”

– Heading to Khai Nok Island and relaxing.

Returning to Royal Phuket Marina and safely drop back to your Phuket Hotel or Address.
The Monkey beach Phi Phi
The Monkey beach Phi Phi

This Phi Phi Tours Includes:

FREEHotel transfer and tour Guide • FREE unlimited soft drinks /Coffee/Tea • FREE Fresh Fruits along with our popular Lunch • FREE Life jackets, snorkeling masks, fin etc. • FREE full cover VIP insurance.

Phi Phi tour Package Price: Adult 3,200 Baht. FREE Children Ticket that cost 2,100 Baht (Unlimited FREE Children Ticket).

Information Phi Phi Tours Boat:

Our Luxury speed boat is facility with bathroom, and comfortable bath (fresh water) facility.

Please don’t forget.

To bring your swimming dress, comfortable shorts, T-shirts, Cap, sun lotion cream, cooling glass, waterproof slippers, BUT must bring your Camera otherwise you lost.

Bring along your swimming suits, shorts and light T-shirts, beach towels, sun cap, sun block, sun glasses, and slippers and do not forget your camera at hotel ,then you will miss the camera shots you never shots before if you are first time in Phi Phi.

Our Price are unbeaten 2790 Baht per Person+ FREE CHILDREN TICKET

[form 1 “Contact form 1”]

Phi Phi Island Map
Phi Phi Island Map

NB:Please be inform us before, if you any medical situation or Physical problem. So we can take care you.

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khao lak tours

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  is Scenic Muang (District) in Phang Nga Province just 80 KM north of Phuket.A Journey from Phuket only takes 1 hour. Its attracted by Europeans cause of its beauty. Khao Lak is very Popular among travelers because of the … Continue reading

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Ao Yon

Ao yon is a scenic seclude beach consisting Ao Yon south and Ao Yon North.

It is located south of Cape Panwa. Ao yon is local people’s favorite beach, because of its natural environment and white sand and crystal water.

Ao yon is famous for its white sand, coconut trees, calm waves and natural blue color. And very good for get away from crowd.

Ao Yon composed of 2 beaches Ao Yon North beach is on the road that is accessible with vehicles and you park in front of beach. In this beach water accessibility  is according to the tides.

Ao Yon South beach is more beautiful more seclude, you can park your Vehicle below the small bridge of north side, have to take small walk through the rocky area to reach to Ao Yon south beach. Sometimes you can see very few local people fishing on rocky area if you are on evening. Water is always calm in Ao Yon , long white sand beach is covered with a steep green mountain.This is best place for swimming in all Phuket area, because there is no current here and water is so clear and calm.

Many honeymoon couples and families visit Ao Yon beach because of its privacy and natural phenomena. Ao Yon is very good place for get together or relaxing at the bay.

Ao Yon is a local beach, so there is not much business establishment here, but you can see one European restaurant serving Seafood and Thai food along with European food till mid night, hopefully price is not expensive.

There are many 3.5 to 5 hotels and sea view apartments available at the south side Ao Yon On the way Phuket town or Ao Makam to hilly cost side road.

Also near the bride there is a way to east side towards the mountains, if you take that way to the end you can see the natural area of Ao Yon and you will reach to small stream(or waterfall) at the small rain forest.

As I am a local writer Ao Yon is my favorite beach in Phuket,because of it natural, blue water, safe for swim ,calm wind and few people.

How to get here.

There is 3 ways reach to Ao Yon. First is from Phuket town Chao fa east rd,turn right to the Ao Makkham road,where the sign board says.Head Cape Panwa to the way to Novotel Hotel toward south or from Ao Makam take way to Novotel towards North.

Or take the pocket road from phuket town.

If you take the way from Ao Makam,there is great scenery waiting for you.Ao Yon and surrounded area is one of beautiful places in Phuket. From Khaokad view towers(4 view towers are there) you can see Chalong Pier is Far south east and other parts of the Chalong.

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Karon Beach

Karon Beach is located on the west of Phuket, Thailand, and is a popular destination after the famous Patong Beach. Karon Beach is much neater and cleaner than the neighboring Patong beach, and Karon Beach’s length stretches more than 2 miles end to end and it offers a splendid panoramic view. Karon Beach is also known as a family beach because it is much popular among couples and families, and caters to tourists, especially from Europe.Karon Beach on sunny day

One of the peculiar features of Karon Beach is that the dry sand under your feet squeaks with a crunchy sound as you walk, and it feels ticklish under your feet. The northern end of the Karon beach is typically desolate, which is near a lake, and is an ideal place if you want the place all for yourself in case you are traveling with your family. Karon beach is also known for its large waves, especially from May to October, which can swell up to 2 metres. But from November to April the water is very clear and the waves are more timid during this season.

Karon Beach
Karon Beach

At the northern side, restaurants, hotels, and other tour business are available. Most of the Thai Restaurants serve Western, Thai, and continental dishes. South side of Karon Beach is an ideal place for snorkeling during high tide. The southern side has a fine stretch of coral reef toward Bu and Kata Island. Wind surfing is best known here, since you have plenty of space to operate.  You can also get the much loved Thai massage for a reasonable pricing and the masseuses are set up in the shaded areas. If you prefer more noise than the quiet, then head toward the Kata Beach which is brewing with activities.Karon Beach famous for its white sands

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Kata Beach

Kata Beach is one of the most finest among the beaches located on towards the southern end of Phuket with a 1.4 km stretch divided into Kata Yai and Kata Noi. It is covered with a lush jungle with cool breeze blowing from the Andaman Sea. Kata Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Phuket due to the combination of its beauty, facilities, and activities. People flow in by the hundreds each day to enjoy the sun and take advantage of what the beach has to offer.
Usually busy, but this beach is never crowded.Kata BeachKata Beach offers Amazing scenery, lovely tropical sunsets, and warm blue waters awaits you at Phuket’s most popular beach destination. Kata Beach bay provides a great combination of perfect soft white palm-lined beaches, warm hospitality, and homely accommodation. Also adjacent to the Kata Beach are the lush tropical gardens which provide for a peaceful and exotic atmosphere for total relaxation.Kata beach is located only 20 kilometres from Phuket town. Because of Kata Beach’s clear waters, it is also one of the best places to spot sea turtles and what makes it an ideal place for water activities like snorkeling and swimming. Kata retains a village feel at its northern and southern ends; its serenity makes its safe for you and your family to enjoy even with children.All round the year, rain or shine, you have a vast choice in Phuket. With nature at its best in abundance; namely, beaches, parks, and forests to explore, a rich history and culture to discover, and dining and nightlife, provided you find the time to see all that the island has to offer. Phuket also has a lot of activities to offer, and it continues to grow in sophistication and variety, offering visitors of all budgets, tastes, and ages.
Kata Beach At sunsetThis Phuket beach also offers a lot of watersports; namely, jet skiing, banana boats, Hobie Cats, windsurfing, and a lot more. Its safe to swim in Kata beach, and Kata Beach does not have any drop-offs. Also children and non-swimmers can enjoy the waters for it is calm. But pay attention to the red flags that fly, for they will indicate if it is safe or not to swim. You may spot also some local fisherman at this beach. Kata Beach is also regarded as the most popular surfing beach on Phuket. If the waves are good, it can be crowded even for Phuket standards. Though it may crowd up, the atmosphere in the water stays friendly. The southern end is considered the best surf in Kata beach.
There are also a few small surfboard rental Shops to down past the car park.Left:Underwater pictures of Kata Beach Corals.Right:Day time at Kata BeachThe main road goes from Kata center at the end near Karon Beach all the way to Kata Noi Beach. Many tourists’ gift shops can be found in Kata Center. These shops fall in the category of gift, clothes, massage, and music store. There are also some good eat joints here. Further down the road are bars towards Kata beach. Usually at peak season, Kata beach is lined with deckchairs, umbrellas, and people. Certainly, you would have an unforgettable and pleasant experience with all that this breath-taking beach has to offer.

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Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi, a beach, on the southwestern side of the island of  Phuket, Thailand Amongst the 100 best beach spots in Australia/Asia, Kata Noi Beach was ranked at the 30th place according to a survey conducted by discovery travel.  Kata Noi Beach stretches over till Kata (Yai) Beach to the south.


Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi beach has a very accessible road, just a few minutes drive over the Nari Harn hill from Kata beach. You can find this cozy little Kata Noi bay at the end of a dead-end road.  Kata Noi Beach has never been crowded, that’s why the virginity of the place was preserved.  It’s a perfect getaway destination, especially if you want to unwind from all that stress at work, etc. It has this lovely blue waters and powdery clean sand. Kata Noi Beach has a great place to experience nature at its best.

Swimming or surfing in Kata Noi Beach

Like other provinces in the south, Phuket’s weather conditions are dominated by monsoon winds that happen throughout the year. Rainy and dry are the two distinct seasons here. The rains begin in May and lasts till October, at which time the monsoon blows from the southwest.  Kata Noi Beach has long been a popular spot for surfers in the monsoon season though swimmers should be aware of the strong riptides which prevail during this time. The sea can get pretty rough indeed, chances are you’ll have the beach all to yourself, and swimming is advisable for able-swimmers only.  The dry season is from November and it goes on till April when the monsoon happens from the northeast.

Kata Noi beach is a great snorkeling location because of its crystal clear waters, and a lot of fish inhabit the rocks and corals along the beachless shoreline. This is the beach of choice if you are swimming with small children because it remains shallow for about thirty meters from the shoreline.

Also get a view of the small evergreen Ko Pu Island in the distance from Kata Noi Beach.

In Kata Noi Beach, also sunbeds lined up where you can get your perfect tan and listen to the tranquil sound of the waves and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lush greens hills.


Kata Noi Beach overlooking Poo Island

In Kata Noi Beach, there are lots of available hotels and resorts, restaurants, and souvenir shops that would suite your taste and budget.

The average temperature in Phuket and Kata Noi Beach is around 28.0 to 29.3 degrees Celsius. The lowest average temperature is around 21.8 to 22.7 degrees Celsius, and the highest is 35.7 degrees Celsius.

Though this part of Kata Noi beach may be small, it offers a good panoramic view of nature.

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Promthep cape is southern-most end of the Phuket with cliffs and palm trees.This is one of the fantastic places in Phuket.Promthep sun set is very famous,one of the fantastic sunset watch points.Also from Phromthep cape   looking to Koh Man Island just below the eye sight around 100 meters and on right side you can see  Nai Harn Beach, Ao sane beach and wind electricity fans in with green hills.You feel very natural in Promthep cape,also you feel like how vast is Andaman sea the great view to Andaman sea.

Promthep Cape Phuket

Promthep Cape Phuket

Also there is a light house “Kanchanapisek Lighthouse”.From this light is also view is more good than view point,also there is interesting museum ,but very small.After Promthep you can also visit the beautiful places like Nai Harn veiw point,Rawai Beach,Yao Nui beach because all this places are less than one kilo meter to Promthep Cape

Sunset at Promthep Cape

Sunset at Promthep Cape

If you are adventures you can walk all the way to below to see the sea or for fishing.But there is no sand over there,only Rocks,But if you would like to go down,better to go on daytime,otherwise on dark it will confusing to find the way to uphill and road.Phormthep visited more than 10 million people,most of them are Asian tourists.

The way to North and Restaurant and can see Nai Harn Beach at far

The way to North and Restaurant and can see Nai Harn Beach at far

If you would like see the sunset with dinner there is a restaurant just right side,this restaurant is very first choice for wedding parties.If you visit Phuket,if you miss Promthep then you miss some of very fantastic places in Phuket.

Koh Man Island Phuket,from Prom Thep Cape

Koh Man Island Phuket,from Prom Thep Cape

There are also some shopping opportunity dresses and souvenirs.Prices are very less than Patong beach,also you can bargain little bit.

Best time to Visit Promthep cape is afternoon,if you visit on day time better to take some sunblock cream because on day time sun is very strong at Promthep cape.

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Phuket City Tour

Take this Phuket City Tour and GET FREE First class ticket of Simon Cabret Show Phuket


7 IN 1  Phuket day tour great deal

  • Kata view Point
  • Nai Harn View Point
  • Promthep Cape
  • Wat Chalong
  • Big Buddha
  • Cultural Phuket City
  • Khao Rang View Point

Phuket City Tour Itenary

8:30 AM Pick up From Hotel

  • Driving through the beautiful Sea view of Patong , Karon,Kata.

Stopping for if any guest wants to take photo.

  • Reaching to Kata View Point from there can see 3 great beaches
View Point Kata,Phuket

  • Visiting Second View point near Nai Harn Beach from here you can see all the Nai Han beach,Nui Beach
  • Visiting Prom Thep Cape this is south top end of Phuket,great view to Andaman sea and a Island
Promthep Cape,Phuket
  • Driving via Rawai beach visiting Phuket Big Budha,great view from here you can see all the Chaolng Yacht Pier
  • Visiting Wat Chalong a very old Temple in Chalong
  • Visiting Cashnew nut factory and shopping Phuket local products
  • Visiting Wangtalang Lapidary gem factory. Having  some refreshment (soft drinks, coffee or tea)
  • Heading to Phuket town seeing Century old Sino Portuguese building and how the local People living in Phuket town
One Portugees style old Phuket Town building
  • Visiting Khao Rang from here great view to all phuket town,and cape panwa
  • Reaching to Central for shopping and relaxing

Shopping at Phuket Town
  • Transfer back to Hotel 2:00-3:00 PM

Tour price 950 baht per adult 500 baht for children .Private transfer and trip Upto 3 Person Private limousine Upto 4 People Luxury Van


[contact-form 1 "Contact form 1"] ,Tel 076-26-3325,Mob 089-491-2496 10/247,Muban Jom Thong Thani,T.Vichit,Phuket 83000

Please read our clients comment on tripadviser at No:4

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culture thai

If you are in First time or long time in Phuket or any where in Thailand ,it good know some the basic Thai  culture,Thai customs or culture are very simple and makes you happy, and get more respects from Thai’s and things will make so easy for you.Especially in Southern Thailand and phuket

Thailand Land of smile:In Thailand everybody smile each other,so if you ask some direction smile first then ask or if you buy something in grocery shop smile  and say thank you(Khop Khun Krab) or even if see somebody in the traffic and that they are wanted go before you smile let them go first to avoid any accident.



Thai Asian bend: Downing head  and smiling also the way of showing respect.

Respect each other.If you go to a place with many people,example: shopping mall , exercise place or any where,if you walk in a short narrow way,Thai’s give way to other first,in a respect way.this is the way of Respect in Thailand.So if  somebudy coming on your way while you are walking give other first the way  for other.

Sawati Krab/Ka

If you see a Thai person elder than you,just hold your hands together and bend and say Sawati Krab.otherwise it is a disrepect to them.But for foreigner they dont mind.

Also if somebody bend their hands and say Swathi Krab,you must have to show same like that,unless if they are kids.

These Thai culture may be you know because they are comman.

  • Dont touch a Thai Person head,as thai’s  consider head is supreme place.
  • Dont point out your finger to anyone
  • Dont point anything with your leg,as Thai’s consider disrespect.
  • Dont touch anybody with leg
  • Better avoid put hands on your pants side pocket,Thai’s think you are showing that you rich or proud.
  • Better avoid resting your hands hips that Thais think you are lazy or tired always.

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Emerald Beach Karon

This is north end Karon beach has a Quite corner adjoing.This beach is privetly owned by Le-merdien Phuket.

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