4 Best Places to Stay in Phuket Thailand

4 Best Places to Stay in Phuket Thailand

Best places to stay in Phuket Thailand are one of important references you should have before traveling to Phuket. Even if there are a lot of places to stay, it is a must to decide the best one based on your traveling plan, money, services, and facilities. That’s why, before visiting Thailand especially Phuket, just read the list of best place to stay there to help you.


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                                              Patong beach

For those who love party and shopping, you may consider stay at Patong. This place is known as the tourist area in Phuket. It is not only about the crowded sensation but also because of its amazing scenery. You may find a place to stay close to the beach and you will know the answer why. It seems that patong is for those who want to spend money or shopaholic.

The best trick is that you can find affordable place to stay and take the rest of the money to buy anything you want there. Patong is a great place to buy souvenirs, bars, tailors, and many more. Just be ready to feel the crowded sensation especially if you go there in high season. If you want to feel the quietness in Patong, it is a good idea to visit this place in low season. Don’t worry, there are reputable places to stay there and you can choose it based on your budget, family or solo traveler, or even for luxury lovers.


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                                          Karon beach

This is also considered as one of best places to stay in Phuket Thailand. Similar to Patong, Karon is also a good place to stay for shopaholic. Various types of unique hand made gifts and good foods in several popular restaurants and cafés. For more affordable products, you can also take a walk around Karo Bazaar to buy various clothes, suitcases, beachwear, and many more.

Karo Market is the other alternative in which you can buy those products as well as fruits and delicious foods. It is a kind of challenge for visitors because most of the products are unavailable in their country.


kata beach
                             Kata Beach Thailand

It is also a great idea to visit Phuket with your beloved family. The atmosphere is a little bit calm than Patong and Karon. Beach becomes the main attraction along with beautiful white sand and crystal clear water.

You can bring your family to relax under the palm trees while enjoying that fantastic scenery. It is a great place for all day long activity for travelers who want to enjoy Kata in the morning up to night. Enjoy the local taste and wonderful nightlife.


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                      Rawai Beach Thaialand

If you just want to relax yourself and run away from the crowd for awhile, you can spend a few days in Rawai. Just like the above references, Rawai also has a wonderful beach. The area is not too crowded so you can breathe the fresh air.