Circle Of Education

Education of a child first starts with her/his mother. She will be teaching the baby to pronounce words and letters and she will be the first to understand the baby’s language through its emotions and moods. Mothers are the first teachers we meet in our lives. However when a child grows up, they need to be sent for proper education and guidance. A child’s circle of education starts with the preschool and ends with the university. There is no proper ending to education as anyone could be educated anytime in life; it doesn’t need a time or a place. It has to be noted that every child has a right of education and they should be given the space to learn whatever they like and pursue the dreams of their own. It is both the parents and teachers duty to allow a child to follow their dream and to work towards their passion.

A child’s first step starts from the nursery. They are guided by preschool teachers and they learn a lot about manners, behavior patterns, art and creativity. This is the stage where a teacher identifies a child’s special skills and abilities.

 A child gets to meet so many friends in a Jumeirah nursery and it develops their social skills and communicating skills. It is the first stage a child will meet new people and friends. After this stage a child gets the chance to step into primary education where they will have to face for small assignments and examinations. This is the stage where they will find extra – curricular activities that they have skills for. Sports and other activities help a child to develop their mind and body which is as important as education.

Then they step into high school where they meet friends with different attitudes and disciplines. It is a stage where both teachers and parents will have to pay attention as they tend to attract themselves for bad influences. At this point students will take part in major life changing examinations and challenges. These are the last days of school life where they will have to focus on their future as to what they want to become and achieve in life.

After finishing high school, a student steps into the university to get graduated. One has to work really hard to get a first class degree and then a suitable job which he or she is passionate about. Education is a cycle; it has no ending but a process of learning new things day by day.