Weather Phuket

weather  at phuket.

Phuket has a Asian tropical climate and weather condition. Phuket enjoys a very good mild hot climate or weather all over the year.

Phuket climate has  three seasons(others say only two) :

  • Rainy season
  • Cool season
  • Hot season

Phuket weather is good in all months. Can enjoy living here all the months.If you live in Phuket for at least one year then easily can know that all over weather is so good.

Rainy season or rainy weather at Phuket

Rainy season starts at Jun and ends around Mid of October.temparture at phuket on rainy season like 27c-32c. Monsoon rainy season at phuket is not same like the monsoon in India or Sri Lanka.Even in the rainy season can see sun in phuket atleast for 8-10 days of month.Rainy season at phuket is means is that not much rain except june. After June, weather is  like rain per week 2-3 days .

Always if a heavy rain then next day you can see the weather is sunny in Phuket.All local people likes rainy and mild cool seasons.

Very mild cool season or weather at Phuket

Starts mid of October ends at mid of March. Celsius is like 25c-32c.The hint of starting cool weather at phuket,when moisture weather winds at phuket crash with cool winds arrives from china. This wind meeting create fog in Phuket for around for  2 days, on that time if you go to any mountains like Big Buddha mountain, feels like you are in some of the other places.

fog at phuket

fog at phuket

Hot weather Phuket

In the middle of March temperature gets to high. This time celsious is like 32c-37c.But there is always breeze and evening are always cool at Phuket.So you don’t feel like that much hot unless you walk on the blazing sun at phuket.

Monthly weather report phuket.


Weather June phuket.

At june in Phuket is raining season and cool. seas are rough at June. Better to avoid west cost of phuket to swim. East side like cape Panwa or Ao yon is good for all the seasons for swim.

But in june it will not always rain there will be at least 10 sunny days as well.

Weather July Phuket

Weather in phuket at July is like almost same like June, but less rain than June month.

Typical rain forest of Phuket.If you see long leaves at rain forest at phuket this hint that there is a stream near the long leaves like banana leaves

Typical rain forest of Phuket.If you see long leaves at rain forest at phuket this hints that there is a stream near the long leaves like palm and banana leaves seen in this picture.This picture taken from a unknown waterfalls near phuket Town on the way to top of Phuket.

Weather August phuket.

Rain at least for 8-10 days of August. But more sunny days and seas are getting calm on august and good breeze from Andaman sea to Phuket Island.

Weather September at Phuket.

South east monsoon starts from September mid and ends at October end. this time at phuket raining at evening.Morning till 4pm weather is sunny at phuket.But again rain is not all the evening only some evening in September.Also in September at Phuket has  good breeze all the month.

Weather October at phuket

Same like September till mid of October. October mid cool winds arrive from China that ends the mansoon.Once cool winds arrive the cool season start. But day time don’t feel like cool but average hot. But night in some days especially in December you need a light blazer at night,once cool season start at Phuket.

Coconut trees at Phuket.This picture took from on the way to Kathu from Tesco Lotus Intersection Phuket Town.

Coconut trees at Phuket.

November Weather at Phuket

South east mansoon ends and cool season starts at phuket, one of very good climate time till mid of March. Always there will be cool breeze and sea are excellent for swim ,diving,snorkeling etc.

December Weather at Phuket.

More cool than November, this is peak season in phuket all beaches fill with European holiday makers. You feel like some festive mood because of Christmas and new year.In this time can see illumination all over phuket.

January Weather at Phuket

Peak season ends at mid of Jan. Weather is same like December, cool.

February Weather at Phuket

Almost same like January cool season at Phuket.Can see many European tourists.

March Weather at Phuket

Till mid of March at phuket whether is cool. in the mid of March temperature start to get high.

April Weather at Phuket

At April hot season, can expect thunder rain as well at least 4-5 times of April.

May  Weather at Phuket

Hot weather at phuket on May. Thunder rain can expect any day. end of this month monsoon cloud arrives.